Peace Campaigns

Never in history has there been such potential to build a grassroots peace movement that is capable of carrying out both national and global campaigns to end ongoing wars and prevent new ones. Global Exchange's Peace Campaigns are inspiring creative actions to expose the real cost of war, challenge war profiteering and military recruitment, and build people to people ties to displace the dangerous myths about Islamic identity.

What About Peace? is an international contest for high school students expressing ideas and thoughts about peace. A joint program of Global Exchange & Jadetree Three.

Pre-order Medea Benjamin's book, Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control.

Global Exchange is organizing members, supporters and participants of our unique Iran Citizen Diplomacy delegations to educate communities about Iran and motivate communities to put their values into city resolutions.
Global Exchange is educating people about the reality of warfare in Iraq; pressuring our Senators and Representatives to cut off funding for the war; supporting military families and GIs who are speaking out against the war or refusing to fight; and taking to the streets to tell the world that we say NO to the Administration's aggressive and militaristic foreign policies. 

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