Global Exchange's Elect Democracy campaign has been working nonstop to expose the real impact of corporate money in politics and take action to create real change. Here’s what we've been up to, what's coming next and how you can participate:

Recent Actions and Events:

  • Send Your Congressperson a "Do Not Disturb Democracy" door hanger:
    Take action to 'help' your elected officials keep corporate lobbyists OUT of their offices Join defenders of democracy from around the country who are mailing these door hangers to Congress- and following up to make sure they are displaced on office doors to prove that elected officials have their constituents interests at heart.  Launched: April 1, 2013.
  • #InaugurateDemocracy: Money Out and Voters In!
    Take your call for a healthy democracy to social media channels on Inauguration Day and #InaugurateDemocracy! Add your name to the petition launched by demonstrators exposing and opposing Chevron's money in politics in Richmond, CA. Update: these petitions were delivered to Washington, D.C. in January, 2013.
  • Stick It To SuperPACs! Sicjuk of all that corporate money in politics drowning out real democracy? Stand up with us and just say NO to Super PACs! Take action with thousands of others who are clogging the gears of the Top 5 Richest Super PACs via email, phone, and social media at
  • Share This Infographic: Meet The FIRE (Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate) Sector: Discover how the bullk of Wall Street has burned through over $4.2 billion via lobbying and campaign contributions in order to buy power and influence in DC. Download and share this our new infographic. Launched: August 2, 2012.
  • Check Out Our Congressional Legislative Scorecard: Does bank campaign $$ buy pro-industry votes? Check out our ground-breaking new style of legislative scorecard and report to see for yourself the cold hard facts about Congress 'Wall Street loyalty rates' and corporate campaign contributions.
  • Avoid the Blues: Organize! Host a community screening of the film, "Heist: Who Stole the American Dream" and start organizing with your community to challenge Wall Street money in politics. 
  • Global Perspectives on the U.S. Election: Some of our Global Exchange friends from around the world have some important messages to share with U.S. voters. It is important for those of us here in the U.S. to keep an accurate (global) perspective of the full (global) impacts of the results of the U.S. election.
  • Elect Democracy Takes Tampa and Charlotte by storm: Check out Global Exchange's street heat outside the RNC and DNC, our campaign's creative work to expose the truth about Wall Street burning democracy, and how we worked with thousands of others to build power to put out the F.I.R.E. in August and September, 2012.
  • Don't Burn Democracy BBQ's: Organizers around the country hosted "Don't Burn Democracy" BBQ workshops with the assistance of mini-grants from Global Exchange with the goal of expanding local relationships for community resilience and building solidarity based upon common experiences of Wall Street's negative impact on our democracy.

  • Elect Democracy's Report Release and Panel Event, Washington DC: July 11, 2012. Check out our reportback from our DC release of our report tracing Wall Street's $4.2 billion investment in political influence entitled, ""Meet the F.IR.E. Sector: How Wall Street is Burning Democracy." Also, don't miss our gallery of info-photos taken along our Washington D.C. Reality Tour which followed money in politics all over the nation's capital.

  • Elect Democracy events near you! We’ll be busy raising awareness on the campaign trail, so stay in touch with us by signing up for campaign action alerts and following @ElectDemocracy and @GlobalExchange on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

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