Thank you!

This holiday season we feel a lot of gratitude to the people whose commitment and courage feed the work we do. These days, as we all do our best to hold it together, we especially appreciate your commitment, your action, your support, and your faith that we can make things better.

Thank you for standing up and for standing with Global Exchange.

Thank you. During this brutal year you mobilized, you demanded justice, you worked for democracy and you took time, not only to think and care about your loved ones, but also about the impact of injustice and COVID -19 on vulnerable people who you have never even met.

Thank youYou had our back last winter when the pandemic began to spread and when Global Exchange went into action to share information with more than 100,000 people up and down the Americas. You helped us network and mobilize with our Movement Rights allies to deliver PPEs to Native Nations. And you helped us launch a bi-national effort to close immigrant detention centers here and in Mexico.

Thank youThank you for helping us during an electoral cycle during which the very foundations of our democracy came under attack. Since last year we’ve helped to evaluate the candidates and as the election became more fevered we tightened our democracy focus.

This included webcasting practical information on how to mobilize and safely vote from home and a remarkably successful campaign pushing Facebook to stop the spread of lies and election disinformation on its platform. Facebook certainly didn’t do all they should have, but the heat and light that you and our coalitions generated obliged them to dramatically call-out lies and threats of violence from Trump and others who sought to subvert the elections.

For more than thirty years Global Exchange has worked together with good people like you to bring real change. In every way imaginable, you’ve stepped forward to make our work and mission possible.

Thank you for walking with us on this path of struggle for peace, justice, and a beautiful future.

Thanks again, because our work is impossible without you!

We wish you and your loved ones health and happiness for the holidays

Ashley Cline, Ted Lewis, Corina Nolet / Co-Executive Directors