Global Exchange warmly invites you to experience the internationally acclaimed Cuban children’s theater, La Colmenita (The Little Beehive) as it brings a high-energy and entertaining mix of rock and roll and fairy tales to Washington, New York and San Francisco from October 15 – 29.

  • 15 Oct 11, Washington, DC
  • 19 Oct 11, Washington, DC
  • 21 Oct 11, Bronx, NY
  • 22 Oct 11, Harlem, NY
  • 26 Oct 11, Richmond, CA
  • 28 Oct 11, San Francisco, CA
  • 29 Oct 11, San Francisco, CA

Ticket information is available on La Colmenita’s website.

Created in 1990, La Colmenita began as a Havana community theater project, to serve children of all different abilities, during one of Cuba’s most economically desperate times. Since then, it has charmed audiences in more than 25 countries with its message of joy, peace and understanding served up with humor and music that will bring kids and adults alike to their feet. In 2003 Global Exchange played a major role in their first visit to the United States. La Colmenita hope their visit will build greater understanding between two countries whose people have been divided by politics for too long.

Hundreds of Reality Tours travelers have been thrilled by visits with La Colmenita in Cuba where they have seen first hand how theater can be used to develop community dialogue, to empower children and entertain. Join us for our New Year’s delegation to Cuba to experience for yourself the vibrant cultural traditions, amazing music and dance and bring in a new year of peace and solidarity. Once again, this New Years trips will also have the honor of attending an inspiring performance La Colmenita’s Havana theater.

Global Exchange has been promoting and supporting this awesome project since its inception. La Colmenita children’s theater company along with many others in Cuba, offers children the opportunity to develop their artistic skills through a network of free-of-charge workshops throughout the island teaching, music, dance, acrobatics, playwriting and theater. In 2007 the Colmenitas were given the UNICEF Goodwill ambassador status.

The press release announcing La Colmenita’s visit promises that the tour “ …gives American audiences a unique opportunity to meet some of Cuba’s most talented young people, a generation that has been raised in the shadow of a U.S. embargo that has divided the two countries for more than five decades.”

Please spread the word and welcome La Colmenita to the USA!