Yesterday, Global Exchange’s Community Rights Campaign reported that a technical glitch threatened to derail Mt. Shasta’s Water Rights ordinance from appearing on November’s ballot.

Last night, the Shasta City Council convened to decide the fate of the ballot and we are happy to report that the Council decided to keep the measure on the ballot.

Shannon Biggs, Director of the Community Rights Campaign had this to say after hearing the good news:

We’re still on the ballot!  But our opposition has come forward. Lots of them, many tea partiers and others. We’ve got a long road ahead to make history and put the strongest environmental law in place in Shasta – and the state. Thanks for your good thoughts today.

Yes. The fight to put the strongest environmental law in place in the state of California continues. Mt. Shasta is poised to pass the first law in California recognizing nature (and climate) rights. When passed on election day, this law would establish the highest level of environmental protection by denying corporations the right to change natural weather patterns in order to “own” the rain before it hits the ground or to take massive amounts of local groundwater for water bottling. Support California’s first ever law that recognizes the rights of nature (and the rights of the climate) and allows citizens to ban corporate assaults on their ground and atmospheric water.

For more information about the campaign, visit the Community Rights website and stay updated by signing up for electronic news updates.

To volunteer to assist the Mt. Shasta community or make a donation to support the campaign and ensure nature and communities win this November, contact  Shannon Biggs at 415.575.5540 or