Thank you for joining Global Exchange’s virtual brown bag lunch hosted by Ted Lewis and Marco Castillo of Global Exchange.

Ted and Marco shared brief updates: Their behind the news perspective on migration politics and economic threats from the U.S. and a report on recent coalition efforts on behalf of detained immigrant children as well as humanitarian aid workers jailed on both sides of the border for giving life saving help to migrants.

We also preview some of the activities Global Exchange is organizing and invite you to take part:

  • Watch our Webinars in English and Spanish:
    Our English webinars bring together Mexican and U.S. experts with a human-rights perspective on regional issues like migration, trade, the drug war, and gun trafficking.
    This summer, we’ll begin our first series of Spanish language webinars, again focusing on priority bi-national issues. We’ll bring important voices like Cuahutemoc Cardenas and Tatiana Cloutier, both of whom have confirmed participation. And to reach more people, we’ve joined with media partners like Impremedia and 
  • Please sign our petition for No More Deaths in Detention.  Building support for urgent action letter/petition drive to keep kids alive and never in detention.  The Trump administration abuses immigrants and our legal system on many fronts. This campaign focuses on stopping the abuse of children who should never be locked up.  We will keep you up-to-date on coalition work we’re helping to lead to push congress to speak up loudly and more forcefully against these human rights abuses.
  • Travel with us in October (17-25, 2019) to Mexico City and Puebla and deepen your own knowledge and to learn up close about the roots of and genuine solutions to the displacement crisis.
  • Support our No More Guns to Mexico Project to challenge policies that fuel drug war violence — by allowing hundreds of thousands of U.S. manufactured guns to enter Mexico both legally and illegally.
  • Attend the New Binational Dialogue conference on sanctuary that will bring academics, grassroots leaders, and sanctuary city leaders together. Hosted by Global Exchange, Rutgers, NYU, New School among others in the New York Metro area, Winter 2020.