Recently, the number of blogger’s writing about issues regarding environmental sustainability and global human rights has been on the rise. It’s great to hear perspectives, thoughts and stories from around the world that both inform and motivate us to continue to make choices that positively impact our world. Here at the Global Exchange Fair Trade Online Store, we would like to point out 2 exciting blogs that have recently caught our eye.

Green Blog
is a fresh, articulate multi-author environmental blog that posts daily updates from authors around the world. Posts cover a diverse array of environmental topics ranging from business and politics to fashion and beauty, and come from numerous perspectives globally. Their section on Green Action tips is a particularly interactive look at how each of us can make small changes that have big impacts on the environment. You can check out Green Blog by clicking directly on the link titled Environmental Blog under our list of “Fair Trade Friends”.

mod*mom is another blog worth checking out, with stories and suggestions on ways to combine environmental awareness with modern style and design. Her weekly giveaways feature products ranging from Whole Foods organic eco-spa gift baskets to iPod’s and cameras! Items from the Global Exchange Fair Trade Online Store have also been featured in Mod*mom’s weekly giveaways. Additionally, Mod*mom shares a variety of stories from her own life and experiences, including endearing stories of the adventures of her young daughter, mod*tot, and advice to other mother’s interested in pursing eco-friendly style. You can check out Mod*mom’s blog by clicking directly on the like titled mod*mom under out list of “Fair Trade Friends”.

These two blogs are only among an increasing number that open up the discussion about our own effect on the environment and the global community at large. We are excited to become associated Green Blog and Mod*mom, and look forward to increasing our number of friends who share an interest in the environment, human rights, and of course fair trade!