TransFair recently announced an expanded list of Fair Trade Certified products. As you may know, TransFair USA is the only third party Certifier of Fair Trade products in the US. Fair Trade is a label that guarantees to consumers that certain criteria have been met, including a minimum price paid to farmers and environmentally sustainable farming methods were used.

“Since we launched Fair Trade Certified here in the States 10 years ago, we’ve taken a cautious approach, focusing on building distribution and consumer interest in each certified product before launching a new one,” said Paul Rice, chief executive of TransFair USA. “Now, with public awareness of Fair Trade Certified high, the time is right for us to allow U.S. consumers access to more Fair Trade Certified products and extend the benefits of Certification to more farmers.”

Once known for its coffee and chocolate Certification, the list of Certified Fair Trade products in the US has expanded to include some fresh vegetables (including peppers and new potatoes), fruit juices (including apple…yeaah!) and nuts (can you say yum?). To see the complete list of products now being Certified by TransFair USA, check out their website.