September 29- October 8, 2024 Cuba


Embark on an extraordinary 10-day transformative journey meticulously crafted for professionals in the realm of health and wellness. Join us as we Interact with local healthcare professionals, mental health advocates, and educators at the forefront of promoting wellness and awareness in Cuban communities. Exchange insights and experiences while gaining invaluable knowledge from their expertise.

Dive into discussions and site visits focusing on maternal health, elder care, and nutritional initiatives aimed at improving access to food. Gain a deeper understanding of Cuba’s unique approaches to addressing healthcare challenges and fostering community well-being.

Explore Cuba’s thriving biotech industry through discussions. Learn about groundbreaking innovations and advancements shaping the future of healthcare and biomedicine on the island.

And naturally immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythms and rich history of Cuba through guided tours, cultural exchanges, and immersive experiences.

There is no doubt you will benefit from insider access to key figures and institutions in Cuba’s healthcare and wellness landscape, gaining first hand insights into their initiatives, challenges, and successes.

From healthcare discussions to cultural excursions, our itinerary provides a unique perspective on Cuba’s healthcare system and societal well-being, fostering a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of health, culture, and community.

What’s Included

Double Rooms
Single supplement

Available for $175 extra

In country transport
Prep Reading materials
Trip leader

A fluent English speaking Cuban guide to facilitate, preparatory materials.

Two meals a day

Two meals daily (usually breakfast and lunch)

Admission fees

To all program activities

5 star accommodations

What’s Not Included

Does not include expenses of a purely personal nature, trip insurance, R/T flights from your originating city to Miami, accommodations in Miami, or luggage fees

Does not include tips for meals, guides and drivers

Roommates are also not a guarantee though we will make every effort possible to accommodate your request

If a roommate is unavailable you are responsible for the single supplement fee. Cuba trip deposits are non-refundable once trip is confirmed

Please note that flights to and from Cuba are also not included, however we will facilitate the arrangement of flights with our partners.


Times and events subject to change


Approaches to Healthcare and Wellness in Cuba Draft Itinerary

  • Arrival in Havana welcome by AMISTUR Guide
  • Late lunch included at La Torre
  • Make a quick stop at the historic and picturesque Plaza de la Revolución.
  • Check in to Gran Aston Hotel
  • Enjoy dinner and evening on your own.
  • Breakfast at your hotel
  • 9.00pm  Visit to the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) an NGO responsible for fostering people to people diplomacy through solidarity with groups worldwide.  They are your host institution while in Cuba.
  • 11.00am Meet with a representative of MINSAP, The Ministry of Public Health in Cuba, to exchange about their work and the efforts of providing public health education
  • 1.00pm  Lunch included at El Aljibe
  • 3.00am  Visit a policlinic to learn about the health care system in Cuba and meet with the Director there.
  • 4.00pm  Return to the hotel
  • Dinner across the bay of Havana before the historic Canonazo ceremony (dinner not included)
  • 8.00pm Following dinner we will watch this historic tradition where you can also enjoy an beautiful view of Havana at night
  • Breakfast at hotel
  • 10.00am Today we will begin with a visit to Cuban National Center for Sex Education CENESEX founded by Mariela Castro. Here we will exchange with professionals here about their programs locally and nationally.
  • 12.00pm Lunch included at San Cristobal
  • 2.00pm Visit Fidel Castro Center of Studies to learn about how the center is furthering his life’s work and pillars of the revolution such as Universal Healthcare.
  • 4.00pm Return to the hotel
  • Dinner on your own
  • 10.00pm Visit to La Zorra y el Cuervo Jazz Club to enjoy an evening of Cuban Jazz
  • Breakfast at your hotel
  • 10.00am Visit to an Urban Garden to learn about food accessibility and Nutrition.
  • 11.00am Visit a mental health center and exchange with the providers there to learn of their programs and delivery of care and roll in the community
  • 12.00pm Lunch at La Calesa Real
  • 2.00pm Visit a Maternity Home, exchange with health professionals about the care of
  • pregnant women and around how their work intersects with the polyclinic level.
  • Return to the hotel
  • Enjoy dinner and evening on your own
  • Breakfast at hotel
  • 10.00am Meeting with Cuban doctors belonging to the Henry Reeve contingent to learn about their work in other countries
  • 12.00pm Visit to Corral Falso Community Project to learn of their work and then enjoy lunch at the project.
  • 2.30pm After lunch we’ll visit an elderly home to learn about how Cuba addresses the care and daily needs of third age persons
  • Return to the hotel
  • Dinner on your own.


After dinner we will reconvene to participate in a CDR Visit.  The CDR’s or Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, are essentially a block organization that can be found in every Cuban neighborhood since the time of the revolution.  During this visit you will learn how the committees serve the community now.  This is also the best time to bring donations to the community as well as enjoy snacks and beverages together and more importantly to exchange with Cuban’s in their neighborhood and learn about the realities of their day to day life.

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • 9.30am Participate in a Tai Chi or other gentle physical activity
  • 11.30am  Meeting with officials from BioTech who develop vaccines for Cuba
  • 1.30pm Lunch included location TBD
  • 3.30pm Visit Angeles del Futuro project to learn how differently abled children are trained in performance
  • 6.00pm Return to hotel
  • Enjoy Dinner and evening on your own
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Depart for Las Terrazas to learn about the sustainable community there and a bit more about mountain living.
  • We will try to meet with the local Doctor there to learn of their perspectives and differences between rural and urban health care delivery.
  • Enjoy a healthy vegetarian lunch there.
  • Following this visit we will visit the nearby river to enjoy a little swimming if weather permits.
  • Return to Havana
  • Dinner and evening on your own
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • 9.30am Walking tour of Old Havana including the four main historic plazas; Plaza de las Armas, Plaza Vieja, Plaza del Catedral, Plaza San Francisco de Asís
  • 11.30am Visit the Fine Arts Museum which is located near Paseo del Prado, it is considered one of the most important in Latin America and the Caribbean. Together with the largest collection of Cuban art in the world, it preserves pieces from the most important European schools.
  • 1.30pm Lunch at La Calesa Real
  • 3.30pm Visit Callejon de Hamel, an artistic afro cuban project in the Cayo Hueso neighborhood.
  • You will have the opportunity to dance and enjoy various groups dedicated to preserving Afro music.
  • 5.30pm Return to hotel
  • Enjoy dinner and evening on your own
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • 10.00am This morning we’ll visit the San Jose Artisan crafts market in Old Havana, also an example of Cuba’s small private business sector.
  • Lunch and afternoon on your own to prepare for your return to the US
  • 7.00pm Tonight enjoy a ride in classic cars on the way to our farewell dinner at Jardin de los Milagros
  • Breakfast and check out
  • Depart for the airport to take flight back to US






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