Today, we write you to simply say … Thank you! Thank you for walking with us on this road of resistance, and on the path to peace, justice and a sustainable future.

The road under Trump and his administration of climate denying, nationalist, corporate cronies is rough, and we are feeling particularly grateful during this challenging time in our movement’s history to have you at our side.

Your voice, your vision, your action, and your support are the key to our work for justice, and we cannot emphasize enough how much it means to us. Thank you!

We are grateful for your dedicated support, which has powered our work over this last year. Together, we:

Stood in Solidarity with Communities Under Threat: In response to the cruel anti-immigration policies of the Trump administration, Global Exchange organized a Caravan Against Fear. The Caravan traveled from California to Texas along the U.S.-Mexico border. We engaged in mass education, gave visibility to powerful grassroots leaders, and built new cross-border alliances and coalitions.


Raised the voices, struggles and victories of grassroots social movements by building people-to-people ties around the world on our Reality Tours. We brought thousands of travelers to meet their grassroots counterparts in places like Iran, Cuba, Mexico, the Amazon, Burma, Palestine and more – building global understanding and unity.


Called for a Fair and Just NAFTA Renegotiation: Global Exchange has long been a critic of the NAFTA accord, and we are joining with a broad coalition of allies to fight for a democratic renegotiation that: does not allow corporations closed-door access, that will benefit workers in all three countries, that ensures environmental and labor protections, and that does away with investor-state dispute settlement.


Released our 2017 List of Top Corporate Criminals: Each year we release a “Top Corporate Criminals” list to highlight the world’s corporate worst-of-the-worst on issues like unlivable working conditions, low pay, tax evasion, violations of human rights and voting rights, climate change denial, and environmental destruction, just to name a few.  We must now work harder than ever to resist the influence of corporate power in the White House, the halls of Congress, and in our communities. Join us.


Cuba—Freedom to Travel: Global Exchange has been in the forefront of efforts to end the cruel and unconstitutional restrictions on travel between the U.S. and Cuba. We also continue to offer Reality Tours to Cuba – continuing to build important people-to-people ties with our Cuban counterparts.


Launched our new Podcast, Global X: In September, we launched a new podcast which will offer listeners the chance to hear from activists, movement leaders, and community members from around the world who are actively participating in the global movement to resist encroaching tyranny and build the alternative institutions we need to thrive. Check out the episodes we have released so far here.

And so much more…

The year ahead isn’t going to be easy. Trump is president, hate is on the rise, and the potential for catastrophe is greater than it’s been in decades.

Yet, despite all the chaos, we are thankful. We are thankful because supporters like you have shown that there are people who are willing to rise to the challenge, to take to the streets, to make a difference.

We’re taking stock of all that you’ve done, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Once more, thank you! We couldn’t ask for better partners for the challenging work ahead.

Thank you!

Mark your calendar – the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (November 28, 2017) is #GivingTuesday. Join Global Exchange and millions around the world on one day of giving (back).