Two days ago, the interdisciplinary group of independent experts investigating the disappearance of the 43 students from Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, Mexico, delivered their final crushing report, describing the Mexican military’s involvement and ongoing obstruction of the investigation of one of the greatest atrocities committed in contemporary Mexico.

And this week, relatives of disappeared persons in Guerrero have been searching for remains of their loved ones in the hills above the state capital of Chilpancingo, without success. In 2022 alone in Guerrero, 1,807 disappearances were committed and 1,360 intentional homicides were committed by members of organized crime in collusion with local authorities.

The violence, the chaos, and the impunity demand our immediate attention – and action.

Can you take just a few moments of your time today to help stop the violence in Guerrero, Mexico?

We urge you to ask any organization or faith community with which you are connected to endorse a letter on the dire situation in Guerrero addressed to Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, urging him to take action to protect lives in the region.

We’re doing everything we can to engage communities on both sides of the border on this important issue. Last week, we participated in a webinar “How European weapons are fueling violence in Mexico,” as Latin American and European leaders concluded a summit. Three European disarmament organizations released a brief on the same issue.

It is clear beyond dispute that US weapons flowing into Mexico cause violence and destruction. The only question left now is – can you take just a few moments of your time to do something about it?

We urge you to join us in that effort. Please, sign this letter and ask groups to endorse it as organizations, before the end of next Tuesday, August 1.