Week of Solidarity with Haiti
Social Media Actions

From Dec 10th-16th, we will raise our voices in solidarity on social media and demand an end to US support for the illegitimate Jovenel Moise dictatorship in Haiti.

How to Participate

Join the Twitterstorm and Tweet one of the following throughout the week of December 10 -16: 

End US support For Dictatorship in Haiti! #StandwithHaiti #SolidaritywithHaiti #SupportDemocracyinHaiti

US! Stop Funding Police Terror – Stop Massacres in Haiti! @RepGregoryMeeks #StandwithHaiti  #SolidaritywithHaiti #SupportDemocracyinHaiti 

US! Stop Funding Dictators – Stop Massacres in Haiti! #StandwithHaiti #SolidaritywithHaiti  #SupportDemocracyinHaiti

UN! Stop Supporting the G-9 Death Squad – Stop Massacres in Haiti! @antonioguterres #StandwithHaiti #SolidaritywithHaiti  #SupportDemocracyinHaiti

Share a Selfie photo on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter in Solidarity with the People of Haiti

Join us and make a sign, grab some of your friends, co-workers, or family and show some solidarity with the people of Haiti and their struggle for a democratic future. (Or do one of just you, that is fine too!) 

We have heard from our friends in Haiti who’ve spent their days in the streets facing teargas and beatings how much it means to see the faces of people standing with them all around the world.  

Example: “Stand With Haiti” or “Stop Massacres in Haiti”
STEP 3: SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Post your solidarity selfie on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter with the hashtags #StandwithHaiti #SolidaritywithHaiti #SupportDemocracyinHaiti
STEP 4: Send a copy to Haiti Action Committee action.haiti@gmail.com so we can be sure to forward the photo to our friends in Haiti!