A big heartfelt welcome to you!

Thanks for finding your way to our brand new People to People blog. One of five blogs launched as part of our new Blog Network, the People to People blog will cover a wide range of human rights, social justice topics. Our other four blogs will each explore specific areas of our work; Climate Justice, Chevron Program, Fair Trade and Reality Tours.

So you never know what you’ll find here on this new People to People blog. From inside scoop updates from our founders to current news and views, we’ll cover a range of human rights issues that fit within our areas of focus; social, economic and environmental justice.

We look forward to sharing this space with you! Let us know what you’d like to read about and feel free to share your feedback with us all. Our hope is to learn, explore and engage with you all on a variety of human rights issues.

~Global Exchange People to People Bloggers