Last week we hosted another expert webinar “The Border, Migration & Our US-Mexico Future”.

The webinar was a great antidote to the misinformation and hate being spewed by President Trump and is still available for you to watch and share with your circles.

Nora Phillips, Legal Director of Al Otro Lado; Carlos Heredia, Researcher for CIDE in Mexico City; Daniella Burgi-Palomi, of the LAWG, and; Marco Castillo, US–Mexico Platform Co-director of Global Exchange/Iipsoculta; focus on the issues behind the rhetoric with almost painful intensity.

Amidst all the confrontation and complexity or immigration it is ever more important for us to get informed about how to actively defend the fundamental human rights of immigrants and their families even as we advocate for economic development and human security policies that guarantee their “right to stay home”.

What is happening at the border right now? Is the fight over the wall a distraction from more important issues? How can we respond to those in need? What can Mexico’s government do? How do we talk about these issues in ways that convince our neighbors and political representatives to uphold humanity, not political expediency? These are the issues our panelist tackle.