Photo Credit: Democracy Now


Yesterday I saw the possibility of a better future for the US when 175,000 people joined the March for Our lives in New York City.

This demonstration of people power was led by youth of all ages, and brought  people from all corners of the city together to demand an end to gun violence and to call on the President and Congress for stricter gun control measures.

But this was more than a political action; it was the birth of a new generation of activists and change makers, and a welcoming for thousands of youth into the struggle for peace, justice and equality.

This historical action took place in cities across the country, moving millions to listen and support the demands of our nation’s youth who will not tolerate nor accept the keys of this country in its current state.

Despite the mass turnouts on Saturday; Senator Marco Rubio expressed that even though he “respected their right to express their ideas,” there are a lot of people who do not support new gun control measures and continued to defended his support of the NRA.

When will sanity arrive to Washington? When will the lives of our youth be more important than gun ownership? When will Washington hear the voices of the masses and offer a solution and not an excuse?!

Expressions like the one from Rubio remind us that we still have to face the great wall of ignorance, ambition and corporate interests, to achieve safety in this country,  but the March for our Lives showed us that we have the strength, the energy and clearly the will to do it.

We must stand with our youth in support of this cause and work with others to discuss, organize and mobilize to ensure that we vote out violence and take our democracy in the right direction.

Global Exchange is taking a stand. This summer we will be putting our best efforts forward to bring our allies of all ages together, to reflect, to dialogue and then to take action in accordance with the demands of our youth for a better future now.