Don Nepo turns away after talking with Felipe Calderon during a meeting on Oct 14th . Flanking the President are his wife, Margarita Zavala and the late Secretary of Gobernacion, José Francisco Blake Mora who died in a helicopter crash on November 11, 2011. photo: Pepe Rivera

Nepomuceno Moreno Núñez, an activist of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity (MPJD) was gunned down on November 28th while walking in Hermosillo, Sonora in northwestern Mexico.

“Don Nepo” (as he was known to friends) joined other victims of Mexico’s violence to speak out and seek justice – in his case on behalf of his son, Jorge Mario Moreno León, who was kidnapped and disappeared in July, 2010.

Don Nepo with photos of his murdered son, Jorge Mario Moreno León during a healing ceremony for victims of violence who participated in the MPJD “Caravan to the South” in September, 2011. Photo: Ted Lewis

Don Nepo took part in the Caravans that crisscrossed Mexico earlier this year and was part of a small group that met with President Calderon in mid-October. That same month, several armed men came to his home and threatened him with death if he did not stop looking for justice for his son. Despite his high profile complaints, the government offered him no protection.

MPJD supporters surround an inner circle of movement leaders, including Nepomuceno Moreno Núñez, who have lost loved ones to violence. The early morning ceremony took place at the ruins of Monte Alban in hills above Oaxaca City last September. Photo Ted Lewis

Now, after his murder, concern for the safety other family members has led the MPJD and others to request pressure on Mexican officials to provide necessary protection and carry out a full and credible investigation of both murders.

Please join us in making that call. Tell Mexican officials to protect Don Nepo’s family and to investigate his murder! Send a letter today!

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