Spread the Fair Trade love at your Thanksgiving feast! Enjoy a handcrafted holiday season by entertaining guests with 100% handmade ceramic dishware from Tunisia.

Le Souk Ceramique’s carefully handcrafted dishware is 100% handmade from start to finish. Each bisque (the unpainted clay shape) is produced by hand using a potter’s wheel, hand presses, or pour molds. Then, each clay shape is painted completely free hand – no stencils, tracing, decals, or machinery is used in the process. Finally, each piece is fired, glaze fired, and cooled; all Le Souk’s paints and glazes are lead and cadmium-free, and Le Souk even uses FDA-testing methods to ensure food-safe standards.

By purchasing Le Souk Ceramique pottery, you are directly supporting fair trade conditions in Tunisia. Le Souk employs an equal number of men and women who receive above industry-average wages . Le Souk’s employees are neither segregated nor forced to work past 1 PM in the summer months of July and August, and overtime is always voluntary, paid at 150% of regular salary. Le Souk pays into the national health care and social security system, and give their employees additional benefits like a 13th month salary for Ramadan and an additional bonus for Aid al-Adha, an important Muslim holiday.

Stop in your local Global Exchange store and check out this beautifully hand-painted pottery! Global Exchange’s San Francisco store (map) carries the dishware in blue and yellow, but you can see more designs at the online store.

Fair Trade is something to be thankful for! Let your Thanksgiving guests know the importance of supporting the Fair Trade movement!