Please join us in sending a note of solidarity and and a promise to work for peace and understanding to the people of Iran.  We will share these with our allies on the ground.

Dear Friends,

We reject Donald Trump’s unfounded and irresponsible decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear agreement. We will do everything we can to reverse this decision.

We believe the nuclear agreement was working, and we want to see more diplomacy and more steps toward building understanding and peace between our two countries.

We support our allies in the EU, Russia and China to keep the agreement in place and will push the UN to sanction the U.S. for pulling out.

We stand in solidarity with all those working for peace.

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Trump’s threats to “de-certify” the hard won Iran Nuclear Deal is dangerous, based on malignant ignorance, and must be forcefully opposed.

Even Senator Bob Corker, the Republican Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said on TV last Sunday that President Trump is treating his office like “a reality show,” with reckless threats toward other countries that could set the nation “on the path to World War III”.

A refusal to certify would hand the matter to Congress and open a 60-day period for debate. But we need to take action now.

That’s where you come in. Please call (202-224-3121) or write your Senators today.

Tell them that the Iran Deal is working to lessen the danger of proliferation and war and should be respected and strengthened, not demeaned and undermined. Walking away from the Iran deal is a foolish and dangerous policy that should be strongly rejected.

Thank you for taking action on this. Global Exchange has sponsored Reality Tours to Iran since the 1990s. We are committed to keeping the peace between our peoples and urge you to take action right now to help stop a disaster in the making.