For the last year immigrants and their allies have been playing defense in the face of insults, banning orders, threats, bullying, and unceasing talk about a border wall from the Trump administration.

One of the most injurious Administration actions was the cancellation of DACA. That put nearly 800,000 ‘dreamers’ — who immigrated to the US as children — in limbo, facing possible deportation.

This week, Trump revoked provisional residency permits (known as TPS) protecting more than 200,000 El Salvadorans. This move comes after the decision last November to deny TPS renewal to nearly 60,000 Haitians—who fled multiple earthquakes in their country.

With Trump and anti-immigrant forces in control, how can we fight back? 

In poll after poll, majorities of Americans demonstrate an understanding of the positive roles immigrants play in our society and favor sensible immigration reforms.

We must call on Congress to act!

The “Dream Act”, legislation designed to legalize immigrants who arrived here as children, polls well – even across party lines. It hit 86% approval in a September 2017 Washington Post–ABC survey. The same survey found 69% of US adults are “strongly” supportive of the Obama-era DACA program that protected “childhood arrivals.”

The tide is so strong that even Trump and his congressional accomplices feel the need to pay lip service to the Dream Act.

But don’t believe the hype.

Our unrelenting calls for a CLEAN Dream Act are working. Washington is feeling the heat and worrying about next November.

The time to fight is now. Keep the pressure on.

Call your Representative today. Tell them No DREAM, No debt Deal!  Ask them to support the introduction of a CLEAN Dream Act unencumbered by wall funding and other repressive measures.  Here is a short and easy script to follow:

The Dream Act has had bi-partisan support since it was first introduced into congress in the summer of 2001. It deserves a vote. Please pledge to vote for a government spending bill, only if it includes a clean version of the Dream Act.  And please make your pledge public. We are counting on you.

Please call Congress now to protect immigrants and their families.