On Monday June 21 members of CODE PINK: Women for Peace buried a Hummer on this wildly artistic street, the Heidelberg Project, that is a symbol of hope and revitalization in a city devastated by economic downturn.

In Pictures: Check out Code Pink photos from the event.

On Video: Watch members of Code Pink bury an actual Hummer during the U.S. Social Forum in Motor City June 21, 2010. This video is courtesy of a film team from Rollins University in Florida.

Photo Credit: CODE PINK

The following is based on a recent Press Release from CODEPINK Women for Peace:

Talk about your monster truck. Women’s peace group CODEPINK puts gaz-guzzling hummer to rest. Here’s the skinny:

When: During the U.S. Social Forum on Monday, June 21, installation happening 11am-4pm, ceremony 4- 6 pm

Where: Heidelberg Project, corner of Heidelberg and Ellery Streets, Detroit

One month after the last Hummer rolled off the production line, our friends at CODEPINK will give the Hummer a proper burial. The art installation will include a real Hummer buried in the ground at the world-famous Heidelberg Project. The Hummer will be painted pink (to symbolize peace), and overflowing with plants, flowers and butterflies to symbolize a more sustainable, green future.

CODEPINK has had a decade-long campaign encouraging people to reject the Hummer and is ready to celebrate its demise.

The Hummer was the symbol of a macho, gaz-guzzling, war-glorifying era that is thankfully coming to an end,” says CODEPINK and Global Exchange cofounder Medea Benjamin. “We are anxious to put the Hummer to rest and help generate a new era of renewable energy and green jobs.”

My generation has been asked to kill and die for oil in Iraq–soldiers dying in their Humvees so Americans can go joy-riding in their Hummers,” says CODEPINK organizer Rae Abileah. “We say ‘No more wars for oil, we want a green, peaceful future.

Read more here about why CODEPINK is burying the Hummer, and check back with this blog for photos of the Hummer burial.