Green-Festival-GX-booth-volOn Earth Day weekend, Global Exchange traveled to New York City to join activists, local residents and a diverse array of green organizations and companies for the New York Green Festival. A few pics from the Green Festival Global Exchange booth are posted on our Facebook page.

Held at the Javitz Convention Center in Manhattan, the two-day festival featured dozens of speakers from the forefront of the environmental and green movements, over a hundred vendors selling green products and thousands of people from New York City and the surrounding area sharing ideas and engaging in conversations about ways to build a more sustainable future for both people and the planet.

Global Exchange, now celebrating our 25th anniversary, is a co-producer of the Green Festival. Along with our partner organization, Green America, Global Exchange created the first Green Festival in San Francisco 12 years ago. Since then, Green Festival has become the largest sustainability event in the country, this year happening in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C. and New York City.

Global Exchange was excited to be participate in the New York Green Festival. The crowd at the festival was diverse and engaged, and I had countless conversations with folks about a wide range of issues including the environment and sustainability, fracking and socially responsible travel, green building, the solar movement, and the importance of supporting small, local businesses in New York communities.

We distributed a lot of educational materials to attendees of the festival including information about Fair Trade, community rights efforts to ban fracking in California and resources about our Elect Democracy campaign which targets corporate lobbyists. 

All in all it was a fantastic weekend and a hopeful reminder of just how many great individuals, organizations and companies are out there working to build the green movement by creating the kinds of tools and engaging in the kinds of conversations we need to ensure our sustainable future.