GE is challenging us to use our eco-imagination and encouraging us to spark a revolution by coming up with innovative ideas to come together and take on the world’s challenges of building the next-generation power grid to meet the needs of the 21st century. And we need your help getting our idea on the map.

Up until September 30th, people have the opportunity enter the challenge, submit ideas and collect votes for the most promising ways to change the way the world uses energy in powerful new ways. There are three challenge categories:

  1. Create – Renewable Energy: Making the best use of the energy created by renewable resources is critical to a reliable supply of affordable energy. What kinds of technologies or processes do you think will maximize the penetration of renewables into the grid?
  2. Connect – Grid Efficiency: In terms of technology, processes and policy, what do you think are the best means to help us realize greater gains in grid efficiency and outage management?
  3. Use – EcoHomes/EcoBuildings: What new technologies, processes or business models can help consumers use energy more wisely and improve our energy balance?

Global Exchange’s Kevin Danaher has submitted an idea for a Green Energy Center that is currently in the works:

We are developing a mixed use Green Energy Center on a mass transit hub in a low-income neighborhood in San Francisco. It integrates affordable green housing for teachers with a GreenMart eco-mall featuring the best energy technology, an Eco-Gym and Eco-Playground generating electricity, and diverse educational events.

VOTE NOW for the idea and help get this project off the ground. Voting ends September 30th.

Contact Kevin Danaher for more information about his Green Energy Center at kevin [at]