Call on Congress to Condemn Israeli Acts Against Protesters

We condemn in the strongest possible terms the shooting, killing and wounding of protesters in Gaza, and we urge you to contact Congress to do the same.

Yesterday, marked the bloodiest day of the Great March of Return demonstrations Palestinians have been organizing since March 30th (Land Day).  More than 60, including children, were killed and over 2,700 wounded including children, woman, journalists and paramedics – many are in critical condition.

Palestinians came out to protest the Trump Administration’s decision to open an American Embassy in Jerusalem.  Another decision by the Trump Administration that undermines Palestine rights and puts the U.S. at odds with our allies in Europe and others around the world who seek a peaceful solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

The Trump administration’s decision to abandon any vestige of American restraint in supporting Israeli aggression demonstrates — once again — why we must unite to restore the honor and decency of our country.

We must stand in solidarity with Palestinians on Nakba Day to condemn the ongoing murder of unarmed Palestinian protesters by Israeli forces, to reject the move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and U.S.-Israeli collusion against oppressed peoples globally, and to celebrate 70 years of unrelenting Palestinian resistance and resilience to Israeli colonial occupation.

Contact Congress today and urge them to condemn the Israeli government’s action. And if you live here in the Bay Area, join us today, Tuesday, May 15th at 4pm for a protest at the Israel Consulate in San Francisco. (456 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA). 

We mourn for the people of Gaza. The Trump regime and the Israeli occupation must end.