Fair TuesdayThe following is a guest post from the fine folks at #FairTuesday, the ethical holiday shopping movement happening Tuesday December 3rd, 2013.

Looking for an alternative to the madness surrounding holiday shopping this year? Look no further….

fair tuesday logo#FairTuesday is a movement to inspire conscious consumerism in response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. More and more designers are creating lines that are ethically produced in artisan communities around the world. Scores of small businesses around the country are committed to fair trade principles. #FairTuesday is a call to action for all the amazing designers, companies, press outlets, and consumers committed to conscious consumption and a website where consumers can find them all in one place.

You can help us create the change in fashion that the organic movement has created in the food industry. Change doesn’t happen all at once, it can start in little ways. #FairTuesday is about making ethical consumption a daily possibility. It can be overwhelming—once you start thinking about the origins of your clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, where do you stop? We started #FairTuesday to remind you that ethical consumption can start small and have a big impact.

  • Check out the participating organizations on www.fairtuesday.org.
  • Make at least one gift you give this holiday season fair trade or ethically sourced.
  • Buy fair trade coffee for your morning cup.
  • Like #FairTuesday on Facebook and share with your friends.
  • Tweet, post and pin away. Just four more days to enter our#FairTuesday Pinterest contest and have the chance to win more than $700 in prizes and get your products in front of our panel of celebrity judges.


FairTuesdayGlobal Exchange is Excited to Support #FairTuesday

Thanks to all the folks who are working so hard to make #FairTuesday a huge success. Whether you’re planners or participators, something this great doesn’t happen without the support of dedicated people. (Insert pat on the back here.)

Global Exchange is so excited to participate and support #FairTuesday.

Check out this fun Facebook photo album with images of Global Exchange staff (including Abad the dog) showing their support. 

We have three #FairTuesday related gifts for you to consider choosing that are in line with your values:

1) Fair Trade Gift Package includes Fair Trade coffee, chocolate, and a beautiful block printed tote bag from India.

2) Global Community Gift Package includes the Fair Trade items mentioned above PLUS candles from South Africa AND a pendant from Cambodia – both made by co-operative producers.

3) Peace On Earth Action Kit includes a combination of goodies  to help educate about Fair Trade and take action.

We also have 1 Action You Can Take to Support Fair Trade!

Sign your name and pledge to Only shop Fair Trade this holiday season. Say no to big box stores and products made with sweatshop labor and ensure that your product respects human rights.

Thank YOU for supporting #FairTuesday and Global Exchange. Happy Holidays!


It’s time for the Global Exchange Holiday Party at our Fair Trade Stores in Berkeley and San Francisco, Wednesday, December 4 from 5-8pm!

Holiday parties are a time to come together and celebrate our values. They’re also time a to get a little dressed up.  At Global Exchange, we choose to celebrate community, culture, and sustainability through our clothing and jewelry. 

In the spirit of coming together, we had the pleasure of collaborating again with LOFT1513, a San Francisco based shop where local designers feature one of a kind, handmade apparel, for this blog post.


Fair Trade Sterling Silver and Garnet Chandelier Earrings

As you can see, I was excited to model our selection of Fair Trade sterling silver and gemstone jewelry made by second generation silversmiths in Bali, Indonesia, along with a few awesome, locally designed and made dresses from LOFT1513. 

U.S. based small business owner, Stacey Greengard started the Fair Trade wholesale business Kasih as a way to partner with Balinese silversmiths in the creation of high quality, unique jewelry, and to support her family as a single mother.

Fair Trade Sterling Silver Pearl and Garnet  earrings handmade in Bali

Kasih, which means “give and love” in Indonesian, makes down-payment on production, involves the artisans in democratic decision making and in the creative design process, and provides stable income for a growing number of families in the field.  Stacey and her son Raman are considering moving to Bali because they’re so close to the families they work with.

LOFT1315 carries a variety of cocktail style dresses in rich reds, delicate laces, and warm knits that pair perfectly with Kasih Fair Trade jewelry—sweet or statement-making, always sustainable.

Fair Trade Sterling Silver and Blue Topaz EarringsIMG_6734In preparation for our photo shoot, Fair Trade Stores Program Director Jocelyn Boreta and I walked into LOFT1513 to pick out some beautifully crafted party dresses. We were inspired by the independent spirt of the space, and encouraged by intern and designer Noel to try a few on that you see here.

Whatever your style inclination, we’re excited to see you concious shoppers in your most festive Fair Trade ensembles at this year’s Global Exchange Fair Trade Stores Holiday Parties!


Come enjoy some holiday cheer and find gifts for your loved ones, while creating a more sustainable and just world. We’ll see you there!

Where: The Global Exchange Fair Trade Stores

When: Wednesday, December 4th from 5PM-8PM

20% OFF for Global Exchange Members on this Special Night! (Not a member yet? No problem! You can become a Global Exchange member today.)

FairTuesdayHappy Fall Ya’ll!

In this Fair Trade Roundup, we’re excited to share news about #FairTuesday and how YOU can participate, plus an announcement about our annual holiday party at Global Exchange’s Fair Trade stores in Berkeley AND San Francisco. Rounding out our Fair Trade Roundup is our trusty gathering of Fair Trade related articles below.

Hope you enjoy!

Roundup Sections:

  1. Featured Fair Trade Update: #FairTuesday is Happening December 3rd
  2. Global Exchange Update: Global Exchange Fair Trade Store Holiday Party
  3. Fair Trade News to Peruse

fair tuesday logo1) FEATURED UPDATE: #FairTuesday is Happening December 3rd

#FairTuesday is an ethical shopping movement in response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday to feature fair trade, ethical, and eco-friendly brands. It’s happening on December 3rd, 2013 and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it! Their site explains:

The goal of #FairTuesday is to inspire conscious consumerism and show how an everyday purchase can change lives in a whole community. #FairTuesday features fair trade, ethical, and eco-friendly brands and invites other businesses to take a step towards sustainability.

Here’s a short n sweet video that pretty much spells it out:

Global Exchange is excited to participate in #FairTuesday alongside like-minded fair trade, eco-friendly sustainable brands and organizations, and we hope you participate too! (Check out  pics of Global Exchange staff supporting #FairTuesday on Instagram.)

Here’s how YOU can participate in #FairTuesday:

Visit the #FairTuesday website to find out more ways to support #FairTuesday this December 3rd.

Global-Exchange-Fair-Trade-2) GLOBAL EXCHANGE FAIR TRADE UPDATE: Fair Trade Store Holiday Party

Join Global Exchange friends, staff and supporters for the annual Global Exchange Fair Trade Store Holiday Party! Enjoy some holiday cheer and find gifts for your loved ones, while creating a more sustainable and just world.

Where: Global Exchange Fair Trade Stores in San Francisco AND Berkeley, CA
Berkeley: 2840 College Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705
San Francisco: 4018 24th St., San Francisco, CA 94114
When: December 4, 2013 – 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Contact: http://www.globalexchange.org/fairtrade/stores/locations

Save on Shopping: For this one special night Global Exchange members get 20% OFF*!!
(Not a Global Exchange member or need to renew? You can sign up today right here.
*no cross promotions apply

RSVP/More Info: On Global Exchange Facebook page.



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Global Exchange Berkeley Fair Trade Store Staff

Our Fair Trade Stores are throwing holiday parties on Dec. 15th (all are invited!) in Berkeley, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. The evening will bring seasonal spirits and refreshments while guests shop for Fair Trade gifts from around the world.

  1. Here’s What to Expect at our Holiday Party:

Exhibit A: Recycled glassware display I snapped at the SF store 2010 holiday bash

1) First the obvious: A wide selection of Fair Trade gifts from around the world. I have at least 5 people left on my gift list, and I hope to cross them all off by the end of this party!
2) 20% OFF everything in the store (can’t combine with other promos) when you use the secret party password. Don’t know what it is? Visit our Facebook page to find out, and click “like” while you’re there.
3) Knowledgeable, friendly staff just waiting to help you find the perfect gifts!

Fair Trade Store Director Jocelyn (r) with former Asst Mgr Ariel (l)

4) Ladies and gents dressed to impress. Global Exchange staff and members tend to get all gussied up in our holiday best, and we sure do clean up nicely! It’s certainly not a formal affair, but holiday sweater sightings are likely.
5) A shombler or two:) Shombler is a word I just made up. It’s a cross between a shopper and a stumbler. (There’s a good chance you’ll spot at least one person who gets just a little too tipsy from the free wine.) Full disclosure: that shombler most likely will be me.
6) To meet progressive people and make new friends. Every year our holiday parties bring together a terrific group of like-minded individuals; Global Exchange members and staff, friends, family and community members.

What Not to Expect at Our Annual Fair Trade Store Holiday Party:

Now that you know what to expect, here’s a couple of things you should not expect to find at our annual Fair Trade holiday party:

  1. Mass produced sweatshop-made products. We pride ourselves on offering handmade products from around the world, with fair prices for consumers and fair prices paid to producers.
  2. A long drawn out program. This is a party, complete with spirits and munchies, music, laughter and a whole lotta shopping. There is no formal program for the evening, just the extended Global Exchange community coming together to mix and mingle the evening away.
  3. To leave empty-handed or empty-bellied. Between the appetizers, holiday spirits and shopping your heart away, there will be plenty to take away from our annual Fair Trade holiday party. So come on out!

Global Exchange 2010 holiday party attendees shopping about


Attend the Fair Trade Holiday Party: Hope to see you at the Global Exchange Fair Trade Store Holiday Party. Remember to RSVP on Facebook invite and find out the secret password so you can get your 20% OFF!

Join the #ecowed Twitter Party: We’ll be talking #fairtrade holidays with @YourOrganicLife on Wednesday, 12/14 at 7pm Pacific. Hope you Tweeters out there can join us! Please help spread the word with this suggested tweet: Twitter Party! 12/14 7pm PST @gxfairtrade and @YourOrganicLife talk about #fairtrade holidays #ecowed Plz RT

Happy Holidays!