In 2005, over 700 Fair Trade advocates gathered in Chicago for the first Fair Trade Futures Conference. Now five years later, momentum is starting to build for the second Fair Trade Futures Conference scheduled to take place in Boston, September 10-12 2010.

In the five years since the last Fair Trade Futures conference, the Fair Trade movement has grown in incredible ways. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate went Fair Trade, Ben & Jerry’s has promised to go 100% Fair Trade by 2013, there are 17 (so to be 18) declared Fair Trade Towns in the US, and Fair Trade sales grew worldwide from 2008 to 2009. You know, just to name a few.

Now, with sixty days left before the largest Fair Trade gathering in North America, the call to be part of discussing Fair Trade’s Future is resounding. The Fair Trade Futures Conference will gather entrepreneurs, students, advocates, faith community members, and other interested individuals from five continents in order to learn and debate about the holistic approach to business and poverty alleviation that Fair Trade provides.

Be part of Fair Trade’s Future and register before the August 1st deadline. You’ll be able to attend practical workshops, debate and discuss key issues, and shop a marketplace of 50+ Fair Trade vendors with products from around the world.

See the schedule of workshops and speakers. Our very own Kevin Danaher will be a signature speaker where he will discuss Fair Trade and Large Corporations, “What is Fair Trade For?” and “How will it achieve these goals?”.

Head over to the Fair Trade Futures Conference website to find out more and register yourself to be part of the Fair Trade’s boundless future.

You can also find Fair Trade Futures on Facebook and follow updates on twitter @FTimpact.