This is Part 2 in an 8-Part Giving Thanks series, a Global Exchange exclusive highlighting individuals (chosen by Global Exchange staff members) who are contributing to our social justice work in some way. This series will culminate with a “Giving Thanks” video to be launched right here on Wednesday, November 24th. So please join us in recognizing those special individuals who are helping to make this world a better place.

Today Global Exchange’s Corey Hill thanks GEMS member Debbie Bruell

I’m thankful for Debbie Bruell.  Debbie’s a big part of what makes Global Exchange a success, yet before I called to ask whether she minded if I wrote about her, she didn’t even know what a big deal she was!

Debbie, you see, is a part of the Global Exchange Monthly Sustainers Program (GEMS).  GEMS allows donors to set up an automated monthly donation.  They choose the amount.  They provide the payment information.  We take care of the rest.  Every month, Debbie and hundreds of other GEMS make an automated donation to Global Exchange’s work.  Without even thinking about it, they’ve helped make our work easier and more effective.

I talked to Debbie last spring for the first time just after the B.P. Oil Spill. She was as upset as I was about the disaster in the Gulf, and she wanted to do something about it.  So to help fund our new work around clean energy, Debbie agreed to increase her monthly giving, just like that.

That’s the beauty of it, and that’s why folks like Debbie are so special.  Their regular donations allow Global Exchange to keep the doors open and our work going.

That’s why I’m thankful for Debbie Bruell.  She made the commitment to peace, economic justice, and a clean environment, and honors her commitment once a month. In return, we honor our commitment to her and other GEMS folks by working hard every day towards the world they (and you) want.  It’s a good system.  One, I think, for which we can all be thankful. –Corey Hill

Thanks to Debbie and all of our GEMS folks!

If you’d like to join Debbie and others in becoming a monthly sustainer, here’s the place to go.

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