What-About-Peace-art-contesAs the world gets more and more complicated and peace seems more elusive, new voices, ideas and commitments are needed. Youth art contest “What About Peace” is looking to hear from you if you are 14 -20 years old.  What is your answer?

Prize money is available for the winners of the contest for 14 – 20 year old youth who want to answer the question: What About Peace?

 Grand Prize is $1000!

Sponsor/Teacher’s prizes are available too.

Want to enter? Visit our information page.

But don’t delay, the deadline is February 15th and we don’t want to miss your creativity.

Paint a picture, take a photograph or write a poem- the world needs you to think about and act for peace.

What do you believe? Tell us in an essay or short story or cool new graphic – your creativity is the limit.  But don’t let the clock run out on this opportunity.

February 15th will be the last day we can accept your submission, so don’t put it off!

Young people are not only the leaders of tomorrow, they’re our leaders today, as we work for peace around the world.

What-About-Peace-Facebook-PP.S. Check our Facebook page to see a gallery of last year’s beautiful work.




Grand Prize, “Peace is in Our Hands” by Amanda Mckenna of Sacramento, CA

What About Peace?, the art contest that asks youth ages 14–20 to answer this question creatively is pleased to announce the 2012 winners.

Hundreds submitted entries, and after months of jurying, judging and photographing we are ready to reveal the inspiring work of  this year’s contestants, as they think about what peace means in 2012.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners. Below is a list of winners; our grand prize winner along with the first and second place winners for each category, plus honorable mentions in each category.

Check out the What About Peace Facebook page for a peek at some of this years colorful, thought-provoking visual entries.

We will continue to showcase the creative entries through the end of the school year on our What About Peace website. You can go there now to see the first installment of all of our amazing and inspiring entries. Then keep checking back for future entries!

In the meantime, without further ado, here this year’s winners:

2012 Grand Prize Winner:

Amanda McKenna 17 years old, from Sacramento, California: “Peace is in Our Hands” sponsored by Deborah George of Sheldon High School.

First Prize Visual Arts: Paisley Hiefield, 16 years old

First Prize Visual Arts:

Paisley Hiefield, 16 years old from Portland, Oregon: “Release More Peace” sponsored by Annarose Pandey of West View High School

Second Prize Visual Arts: Jessica Tilley, 16 years old from Battle Creek Michigan: “Peace Has No Limit” sponsored by Rebecca Gardner of Harper Creek.

First Prize Written:

Emily Council, 17 years old from Wiliamsburg, VA: “Reality Check” sponsored by Moncia Schauffler of Lafayette High School.

Second Prize Written:

Simran Khanal, 15 years old from Bennington, NE: “A New Kind of Peace”, sponsored by Deborah Ward of Burke High School.

Honorable Mentions Visual Arts:

  • Dana Ser, 16, Levittown, NY “Breathe in War, Breathe out Peace”
  • Alayna Miller, 17 Battle Creek, MI “Take Time to Converse about Peace”
  • Nhi Nguyen, 15 San Diego, CA “The Letter of Peace”
  • Baylee Kentner,, 15 Levittown, NY “Represent Peace”
  • Camille Mason, 16 Chattanooga TN “Peace on Earth”
  • Ashley Hand, 16 Chattanooga, TN “Heartbeat?”
  • Mary Hare, 17 Portland, OR “We Stand For Peace”
  • Angeleena Tiaokhiao, 14 San Diego, CA “We Are Peace”
  • Katie Lober, 17 Odenville, AL “Share the Peace”
  • Alexander Setzer, 16 Baltimore, MD “A Piece on Peace”
  • Jacob Reynolds, 16, Concord, CA “Peace is in our Reach”
  • Allie Witham, 17, Portland, OR “Peace Comes from Within”
  • Veronica Stamp, 17 Oneonta, NY “It isn’t Enough..”
  • Brenna Rathbone, 16 Oneonta, NY “Holding the World Together, One Hand at a Time”
  • Ansley Pearson, 14 Chatttanooga, TN “Let Peace Fly Free”
  • David Vieira, 16 Parlin, NJ “Why Not Try Peace”
  • Rausan Bonijerai, 18 , Locust Valley, NY “Peace, love, peace, love”
  • Emma Black, 17, South Abington, PA “Together we Can find the Missing Peace”
  • Mallory Hiefield, 16 Portland, OR “It Starts with You”

Honorable Mentions Written:


  • David Arellano, 15 Ooltewah, TN “What About Peace”
  • Changwoo Hong, 16, Winona, MN “ Promoting Peace”
  • Hyuntuek Huang, 16, Winona, MN “Peace Sign (V sign)”
  • Lynzee Matousek, 18 Omaha, NE “My Peace”
  • Jacqueline Naganuma, 17 Beaverton, OR “Peace, What About It?”
  • Amelia Nichols, 15, Winona, MN “Peace is Possible”
  • Nicolo Odorizzi, 17 Omaha NE, “Peace”
  • Cecilia Perez, 17, Salinas, CA “Give Peace a Chance”
  • Alexander Peterson, 16 Omaha, NE “Peace and War”
  • Nick Thurber,16 Omaha, NE “A Piece of Mind”
  • Joseph Tlougan, 16, Winona,MN “Untitled”
  • Michael Yoon, 16, Winona, MN “Untitled”


  • Samantha Adams, 16, Baltimore, MD “One World Peace”
  • Emily Banat, 17 Omaha NE, “The Implications of ‘Peace”
  • Rachel Chuang, 17 Great Falls, VA “Perched on the Window”
  • Lauren Cooper, 17 Omaha, NE “The First One Home”
  • Eric Keisling, 18 Omaha, NE “Something to Fight For”

Short Story:

  • Erin Brown, 16 Omaha, NE “That One Person”
  • Hannah Combs, 15 Chattanooga, TN “Why Can’t There Be Peace?”
  • Kathryn Gunderson, 16 Seaford, NY “City of Peace”
  • Stephen Skelly, 16, Levittown, NY “Stockholm Syndrome”