On Tue May 31st Chie Abad will be speaking at the Not For Sale Academy Facility located at 301 Lyon Street in San Francisco, CA.

Carmencita Chie Abad will speak from personal experience about hardships endured by millions of workers in sweatshops around the world. She spent 6 years as a garment worker on the Pacific Island of Saipan- a U.S. territory. She endured wretched conditions, frequently working 14 hours shift in order to meet arbitrary production quotas for her employer SAKO Corporation which makes clothes for the GAP and other U.S. clothing retailers and subcontractors in which in Saipan they use the Made in the USA label.

When she tried to organize a union, she met by forced resistance from the management & eventually lost my job. Now, she live in the U.S. and working for Global Exchange where she educate Americans about the inhumane factory conditions occurring worldwide including on U.S. soil. She was instrumental in forcing 26 major U.S. clothing retailers and subcontractors to settle the class action suit for $20 Million Dollars to improve the conditions in Saipan.

Chie’s story was an inspiring example of how people can win if they stand up for their rights and the leadership she offered from years of organizing with the anti-sweatshop movement.

For more information contact:
Not For Sale Academy
562 260 1154

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