Streetwires is a business with a social mission that is tackling the problems of unemployment and poverty in South Africa head on. Their “Proudly South African” project is providing the skills training, support and raw materials necessary to enable over 100 formerly unemployed men and women to channel their natural creative energies into a vibrant wire art form.

Their workshop was hopping to say the least. Music pumping, beaders talking and laughing their way through the work day. The wire art was incredible. From giant lion wall decorations down to tiny vegetable magnets, there were all kinds of products, made primarily out of beads. When we toured the area where the crafters work their magic, we noticed one man putting the finishing touches on a large sheep. Later as we perused the Streetwires retail shop located upstairs, we ran into the sheep-maker who was just adding the sheep onto the sales floor, a beaming smile across his face, a job well done! A cool project to say the least. Check them out at Oh, and look for some Streetwires products on our website down the road.