Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s visit to the most racist American President in modern history — in the midst of a uniquely divisive presidential campaign — is a big mistake. So say the dozens of immigrant community and rights organizations in the U.S. and Mexico who signed this letter: “Mr. President, Please Stay Home”.

Technically, the visit is a celebration of the regurgitated NAFTA accord, redubbed USMCA. But the USMCA’s third signatory, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau managed to find “schedule conflicts” to avoid a state visit with Trump during election season, a social rebellion against racism, and a new coronavirus surge.

It might seem strange to some that Global Exchange, an organization long-dedicated to citizen diplomacy and people-to-people ties would join our partners in the immigration rights movement to oppose this visit, at this time, with this American president. We are, of course, believers in the power of respectful dialogue. That is our mission. But a visit that provides political cover to Trump  — who rose to power race-baiting Mexicans and who has dedicated 3.5 years in office to making life miserable for immigrants in the USA — is ill advised.

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