Sea Change in Mexico: New National Dialogue

Mexico’s weekend of mobilizations against the drug war stretched from Ciudad Juárez to San Cristóbal. Javier Sicilia, who called for these actions, led a hundred thousand supporters into Mexico City’s Zocalo on Sunday after marching three days from Cuenavaca.

The actions reveal a sea change in Mexican public opinion and have forced open a new national dialogue in Mexico while making headlines and inspiring support actions around the world.

The looming question is: What now? How can this dynamic new movement sustain and build the momentum for change? If you are in the Bay Area, here are three ways you can be involved in that conversation during the next month:

  • On May 18, Pietro Ameglio, a Mexican nonviolent activist and close advisor to Javier Sicilia will speak in San Francisco as part of a series of Bay Area appearances. 7:00 PM at the Center for Political Education 522 Valencia in the Mission District.
  • On June 1, Javier Sicilia will visit San Francisco to build international support for Mexico’s peace movement and to accept the Global Exchange Peoples Choice Human Rights Award — that many of you helped him win. Please come out to support him.
  • On June 15, Global Exchange ally, John Gibler, will present his new work, To Die in Mexico, an unflinching examination and critique of the drug war: 7:00 PM at Citylights Books in San Francisco.

Hope to see you at these events.