On May 25th, an unprecedented global network of Chevron-affect communities released “True Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Annual Report” to the press and to address the true cost of Chevron’s operations in their communities.

(Cross posted from Amazon Watch’s Campaign for Justice in Ecuador)

Representing diverse communities around the world that have come together to challenge the impact of oil giant Chevron’s operations on their lives, the ‘True Cost of Chevron‘ coalition is unprecedented.

This morning, several dozen people – from Angola, Burma, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, and several communities across the U.S. – gathered together to briefly plan our press conference on the day before Chevron’s annual shareholders meeting. The room was buzzing with organizers, community leaders, and people with powerful stories of devastation, as well as resistance, against one of the largest companies in the world.

Soon, we headed downtown to Chevron’s Houston headquarters, a tall, gleaming glass building in an urban area eerily devoid of foot traffic. A local told me that with the sweltering heat, many people choose to use underground, air-conditioned tunnels to move from parking lot to building and between buildings.

(Read the rest on the Campaign for Justine in Ecuador site)

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