Americans voted.

We counted.

Finally, we have results: Joe Biden is President-elect. Kamala Harris is Vice-President-elect.

They just won the most votes of any ticket in the history of the country — beating Trump by more than four million votes. He must leave the White House in just over 70 days.

There is so much to celebrate!

The Trump presidency has been a nightmare for so many. The nightmare now appears to be ending.

Nevertheless, as long as the current President — and perhaps millions of his followers — refuse to accept this reality, we must remain vigilant and ready to push back on any attempts to thwart the will of the people.

With the result in hand, we owe ourselves a collective sigh of relief…even as we gird ourselves for the many struggles that lie ahead.

We still live in a divided nation beset by a grim and ongoing pandemic, persistent racial injustice, and the existential global crisis of climate change. We must work to heal divisions even as we seek new ways to work together to solve these urgent common problems.

Joe Biden’s promise to work for all Americans — even the ones who opposed him — is a promising start, but it will take all of us to push for real change. We learned in the last four years that we must stay ever active in the fight for our priorities –true change comes at a price. We must be willing to put in the work.

Now that elections are over we will need to educate, agitate, legislate, and keep struggling for the kinder, healthier, more beautiful world we all want to see.