We join the Organization of American States (OAS) in calling for new elections in Honduras and call on the US State Department to do the same.

On Sunday, the Honduran electoral council declared President Juan Orlando Hernández the “winner” of Presidential elections. International condemnation of this finding by a council (controlled by allies of Mr. Hernández) was swift and decisive.The OAS Report cites: 

“Deliberate human intrusions in the computer system, intentional elimination of digital traces, the impossibility of knowing the number of opportunities in which the system was violated, pouches of votes open or lacking votes, the extreme statistical improbability with respect to participation levels within the same department, recently printed ballots and additional irregularities…”

“The Honduran people deserve an electoral exercise that provides democratic quality and guarantees. The electoral cycle that the TSE concluded today clearly has not met those standards.”

But the US State Department is keeping a low profile and tacitly supporting the fraudulent results. Call the State Department now at 202-647-4000 to insist we uphold fair elections in Honduras. Here’s what to say:

“The US should join the rest of our hemisphere in rejecting the suspect results of the recent Honduran election and calling for new elections.” The organization of American States (OAS) says, “The Honduran people deserve an electoral exercise that provides democratic quality and guarantees.”

We support the OAS decision to “name Special Representatives to… carry out the necessary work for a new electoral process and national democratic reconciliation in Honduras.”

Please join us in this action to show solidarity with the people of Honduras and their struggle for a democratic future.