Redesigned Post-Earthquake Nepal Trip

Nepal is now recovering and regaining its footing after two major earthquakes shook the region this spring. More than 9,000 people lost their lives and hundreds of thousands of people were made homeless, with entire villages flattened across many districts of the country. Government data estimates 200,552 homes to be completely destroyed and 186,285 homes to have been partially damaged. Additionally, much tourism has been canceled, which has further hurt local economies.

Due to these developments, we have re-designed our upcoming trips to Nepal. Our partners at the Hands-On Institute in Kathmandu have been supporting youth networks in relief work and now are partnering with national youth networks to organize rebuilding work-camps.

Join us as we explore how the earthquakes have affected local communities – economically, socially and ecologically. See for yourself how Nepalese are taking rebuilding and recovery efforts into their own hands, in ways that the local government and international community have not been able to. A portion of your tour cost will go directly to supporting local relief efforts underway, and you can see for yourself where the money is going.

Activities include:

  • A lecture on how and why the earthquake happened. The damage and the hope!
  • Personal stories of survivors: We will meet survivors and hear what they have to tell us.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites: We will visit the UNESCO world heritage sites that have been damaged by the quake, and see how they are being rebuilt.
  • Meet relief actors: Young actors that stood up from the day of the quake and took the lead in reaching the unreachable.
  • Sharing Skills Sessions: With the survivors of the quake, you will take a lesson and gain skills that they have. The lessons can be as simple as making an iron hoe to mat-making to friendship garlands that can be taken back home.
  • Beauty still exists: The beauty of Nepal isn’t in rubbles after the quake. We will visit places that are still as beautiful as they were before, and you will be the ambassadors to spread the message of a safe and beautiful Nepal that still exists.

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