Travel Outside the Classroom

Travel Outside the Classroom

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Global Exchange Reality Tours promote experiential education and sustainable, socially responsible travel as a way to empower our participants to engage with contemporary international issues while supporting the local economy and well-being of our hosts. Every tour seeks to establish people-to-people ties through formal and informal meetings with local organizers, journalists, scientists, professors, doctors, writers, artists, environmentalists, and representatives who are making change in their communities.

Participating in a Global Exchange Reality Tour has the potential to impact you personally, academically and professionally. Reality Tours can supplement research, add a field component to a course, inform coursework, build cross cultural sensitivity, and simply be a fun and educational experience for professors, teachers and educators as well as students.

If for just a few days or a few weeks, you can go abroad to learn about a domestic or international issue first-hand, hone your language skills, and immerse yourself in another culture. Enjoy the natural beauty and cultural traditions of the country you visit while focusing on themes such as sustainability, women’s rights, conflict resolution, or food sovereignty. Our participants come away with an informed and enhanced understanding of the hopes, struggles, and accomplishments of people from diverse backgrounds.

We hope these people-to-people ties will also prompt participants to examine their own societies and continue learning, sharing and advocating after the tour is over. By engaging with the guide, asking locals hard-hitting questions, and most importantly, listening to what those around you have to say, you will broaden your understanding of global issues and have the opportunity to come home and do something about it.

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