Ralph the Fair Trade doll has been hanging around the office alot lately and quite enjoying his internet fame ever since he lost his job. We’re trying to keep him grounded and not let it all get to his head, but we just wanted to point out one place in particular that Ralph was happy to be featured on. A new site in town called, Fair Trade Kids spotted Ralph’s video and are currently featuring him on their website. Thanks Fair Trade Kids!

Fair Trade Kids has a really cool goal to,

review and recommend stores, websites and toys that [they] believe are good
for our children, good for our environment and good with the people that
makes them.

Besides the reviews and recommendations, Fair Trade Kids have a fair trade project supporting Peruvian artisans. Check them out and read up on their selected items. Seems like a really great resource out there for parents out there. As Fair Trade Kids puts it, through play and toys, kids learn about the world surrounding them not just by the wonderful stories they create, but also from knowing more about the actual products that are helping them expand their imagination.

We believe that those toys should embody what is important to us. If
every toy is not only educational but also supports fairness in trade and ethics
in their making; if it tells us about different lands a people, if it shares
values of love, honesty, hard work and courage, then is not only a toy, it is a
piece that represents what we stand for.

[photo from Fair Trade Kids]