Facebook’s indifference is putting us all at risk. 

For many Facebook users, the news in October that the company had changed its advertising policies to allow politicians and political parties to blatantly lie in their advertisements was the last straw. 

Facebook users’ concerns with the company’s policies started long before October. They include the fact that the company failed to prevent Russian disinformation from being widely spread on its platform during the 2016 election and that Russian targeting of African-American voters may have suppressed African American turnout. Incitement of violence and human rights violations are also of concern. The call to action for the Save Our Democracy: Protest Facebook event states, “In Myanmar and India, Facebook’s failure to recognize its role in facilitating the incitement of hate-fueled violence has meant life and death. In the United States, its callous disregard for its role in facilitating the breakdown of our democratic beliefs, norms, and values is threatening the fabric of our society.”

Facebook has become a net negative for our society, putting profits before public good at every turn. 

Now we’re coming together to put a stop to it.

Global Exchange is joining forces with media advocacy organizations, human rights groups and corporate campaigners  to demand Facebook changes its ways.

Momentum is Building

On January 9th we held an in-person protest in front of Facebook’s corporate headquarters in Menlo Park, California*. The event was covered by CNBC, ABC7, KQED, OAN (One American News Network) and more.

And we called on people all over the country to join the  #FacebookBlackout — by replacing their profile picture and cover photo with a blackout Facebook box.

We published an Op Ed in the San Francisco Examiner: Want fair elections? Help us protest Facebook, by Ted Lewis of Global Exchange and Tracy Rosenberg of Media Alliance.

Our Tell Facebook not to Blackout our Democracy! Care2 Petition has over 20,000 signatures!

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*The event was endorsed by a dozen organizations, including Media Alliance, MediaJustice, CODEPINK, CREDO Action, Indivisible SF Peninsula/CA-14, Indivisible Healdsburg, FacebookBlackout2020.com, Free Press Action, SumOfUs, Vigil for Democracy, Coastside United for Action, and RYSE.