Protect Democracy. Protest Facebook.

Facebook’s willingness to allow blatant lies and hate on its platform is putting lives and our democracy at risk.

Facebook should be a place where our global community members can connect with friends and family and share information safely. The problem is that Facebook cares more about its profits than about the truth.

Our democracy is more important than Facebook’s profits.  Global Exchange, has joined with Media Alliance and others to launch We are organizing our collective, grassroots power to stand up and call on Facebook to: protect our data, protect our democracy, and stop allowing their platform to spread lies and hate.

We’re taking on Facebook in its own backyard and building a movement that hits the company online, in the streets, and in the media. Our campaign is already putting Facebook on notice. Our protests have received nationwide media attention—from CNET to Newsweek to CNBC. And we’re making new allies every day.

We need you with us. We know this won’t be easy. Facebook is a multibillion-dollar behemoth, with near monopoly power and deep pockets. Please join us to safeguard our democracy.

What you can do to stop lies and hate on Facebook: