Pampa Brava is an Argentinian fair-trade enterprise that aims to develop opportunities for marginalized indigenous groups and to bring the rich craft traditions of their ancestry to the world.

Working directly with the Wichi communities of northeastern Argentina, Pampa Brava helps these communities to overcome the obstacles they face in establishing economic stability and cultural survival.

Pampa Brava works directly with El Portillo, a 300 person strong cooperative made up of members of the Wichi community. The Wichi’s are ninety thousand strong, and live in the desolate Northeast of Argentina.

Though monetarily poor, they have a rich language tradition and a deep connection to the earth. Women artisans of the Wichi community produce a variety of exquisitely handmade textiles from a native cactus-like plant called the chaguar.

Through craft creation, Pampa Brava aims to preserve Wichi’s cultural identity. Pampa Brava also assists the community with health care and education. Pampa Brava’s commitment to assisting these indigenous groups in both their economic and cultural struggles is founded on the principles of Fair Trade, assuring the creation of community enterprises that are socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable.