Global X is a new podcast by Global Exchange, where travel and politics intersect. Each episode highlights a different country around the world, diving into a recent political or social development in that country and bringing you unique stories from people on the ground.



Episode 4  – 11/14/17  | We sit down with Marco Castillo, a friend and ally of Global Exchange, as we learn about his work as founder of The Institute for Social and Cultural Practice and Research (IIPSOCULTA), a non-profit organization that was formed in 2001 in Mexico with the mission of generating conditions for justice and equality in Latin America and the United States through popular education, organizing and solidarity work, working on both sides of the US-Mexico border with migrants and indigenous communities.

Episode 3  – 10/10/17  | We sit down with Ted Lewis, longtime Director of the Mexico Human Rights program at Global Exchange, to discuss the current state of Mexico and some of the biggest issues facing the country right now, including a recent surge in drug war violence, the effect of Trump on Mexican society, and upcoming elections.

Episode 2  – 8/24/17  |  In our second inaugural podcast episode we continue our discussion around Cuba, Trump’s changes in US-Cuba policy, and what these changes mean for US travelers and ordinary Cubans. Global Exchange’s Cuba Program Directors, Leslie Balog and Drea Hightower, are in the studio.

Episode 1  – 8/23/17  |  For our inaugural podcast episode we’re talking about Cuba. First, we discuss recent changes in US-Cuba policy, as announced by President Trump in June, and what that means for US travelers and ordinary Cubans. Then, we welcome in a very special guest to our studio visiting from Cuba, Mirna Dickson. Mirna runs an organization in Havana called MirArte DiaDia, which uses art as a vehicle for advancing social justice in Cuba.