As public outrage at the oil industry intensifies and questions on how to reign in the industry abound, an unprecedented global coalition of communities harmed by — and fighting back against — the industry present both a groundbreaking report, The True Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Annual Report and a landmark organizing model for taking on Big Oil.

With nearly 50 authors from 16 countries and ten states across the U.S. where Chevron operates, The True Cost of Chevron is a damning exposé revealing the true cost paid for Chevron’s operations, from coal to chemicals, offshore to onshore production, pipelines to refineries, natural gas to toxic waste, and lobbying and campaign contributions to greenwashing.

From the coalfields of Wyoming to the oil fields of Indonesia, the report covers communities directly harmed by – and fighting back against – Chevron from Alabama, New Mexico, Alaska, California, Mississippi, Texas, Angola, Australia, Burma, Canada, Chad, Cameroon, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Philippines, Thailand, and from Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Chevron’s Annual Report celebrates 130 years of Chevron operations. In it, the company declares that the “values of The Chevron Way” include operating “with the highest standards of integrity and respect for human rights.”

Global Exchange Chevron Program Director Antonia Juhasz explains:

The communities and our allies who bear the consequences of Chevron’s offshore drilling rigs, oil and natural gas production, coal fields, refineries, depots, pipelines, exploration, chemical plants, political control, consumer abuse, false promises, and much more, have a very different account to offer. Thus, we prepared our second Alternative Annual Report for Chevron.

The report is gaining national attention.

The San Francisco Chronicle covered the release of the report on the front page of its Business Section. The story was picked up by the Houston Chronicle and posted on USA Today’s website.

Who’s Behind the Report? Global Exchange Chevron Program Director Antonia Juhasz is proud to be the lead author and editor of this report and Global Exchange Chevron Program Associate Thomas J. Buonomo is proud to be a report co-author. Other contributing organizations include Amazon Watch, Justice in Nigeria Now, CorpWatch and many others. For a complete list of authors and more information, check out the press release on our website or on the True Cost of Chevron Network.

What You Can Do!

  • Download the report(hard copies are also available) to see what Chevron is trying to hide.
  • Please share the report with your friends; post it on your website, blog, face book pages, twitter, etc.
  • Most importantly, please read the report and be inspired to join us in taking action against Big Oil!