U.S. Mexico Program

Global Exchange has worked with Mexican organizations and civil society since 1993. We believed then — and still do — that a healthy US-Mexico relationship is vital to regional prosperity and the quality of life on both sides of our border. Our countries will always be historic neighbors with close economic, cultural and family ties. We have become inextricably integrated across 2,000 miles of common border.

For 25 years, Global Exchange has worked with democratic movements in both countries to bring change  — through public education and dialogue and by organizing cross-border coalitions, and “people-to-people” diplomacy missions to challenge and improve economic and security relations between our nations.

Today, in response to hostile pressure toward Mexico from the U.S. president, we have deepened our US-Mexico bi-national work; forging new alliances and developing important new online public education strategies. We are taking a lead role against trafficking of guns to Mexico and challenging big corporations that profit from the abuse of migrants.