Fair Trade Smores Newsflashes:

  1. We need your help. Celebrate Labor Day with Fair Trade Smores, and help end abusive child labor in the cocoa fields.
  2. Just released! Watch the 2009 We Want More from Our Smores video (see below.)
  3. Remember to send in your We Want More from Our Smores petitions.

At your Labor Day barbeque, campfire, or bonfire (or at home w/a microwave), please join us in sending a message to Hershey by making Fair Trade S’mores!

Just thinking of S’mores fills you with fond summer memories of your childhood, doesn’t it? It’s time to relive the magic and make s’mores this summer with Fair Trade certified chocolate! Every time you purchase Fair Trade certified chocolate, you help make the magic of childhood possible for children in cocoa farming communities! Just imagine how much you’ll enjoy the oozy, gooey, chocolaty, marshmallowy goodness.

Members of Global Exchange, International Labor Rights Forum, Green America, Oasis/Stop the Traffik and other organizations have teamed up to make 1,500 S’mores nationwide this summer, from July 4 through Labor Day, in order to send a message to Hershey.

The numbers are still coming in, but so far Global Exchange alone has tallied 705 Smores!

700+ S’mores nationwide is a LOT of Smores!

We CAN reach 1,500 S’mores…but we need help from every one of you to reach the S’mores Challenge by the end of Labor Day weekend! Participants at a single barbeque event of 20 or so people usually make up to 50 Smores! Your barbeque or campfire can make the difference! (So can those of you participating with just a few people using your microwave at home!)

Details on how to participate are at www.globalexchange.org/cocoa.

You’ll help END unjust prices, poverty, and abusive child labor in the cocoa fields!

Smores Video!

Check out this 2009 Smores video to see how much fun we had at the We Want More from Our Smores event in San Francisco! Watch it here:

This video is also available online.

Remember to register your S’mores online and mail your petitions no later than September 14!

Once we receive all your petitions, we’ll mail them altogether to Hershey’s, asking Hershey to GO FAIR TRADE! Find petitions and more info here.