Video of KwaXolo members singing and giving us a warm welcome.

One of our favorite groups we met with are the KwaXolo Beaders, located in the rural village of KwaXolo, in Zululand. This group consists of 18 women, most of whom are the primary bread winners for their family. They bead a variety of items, from necklaces to walking sticks.

Like the Loving Hands beaders, KwaXolo beaders also sustain a community garden, so that they are not devasted by the global spike in food prices. Our hosts were representatives from, Khumbulani Crafts, a non-profit organization, whose mission is ” to contribute towards poverty alleviation in rural communities through the production, marketing and sale of traditional and contemporary craft.”

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KwaXolo member explains to us, in the Zulu language, of her hunger and need for more craft orders to sustain her and her family.