Jenie at the loom, in deep concentration.

What better way to learn about the weaving process then to try it out for yourself?! That’s just what we did during our visit to Ockpoptok’s weaving center. After watching the weavers for a while, Jenie and I tried our luck at the loom. As suspected, it took us a while to catch on, but we finally got the hang of it. Our teachers were patient in giving us the basic knowledge we needed to weave a few lines. We learned enough to realize that it takes great skill, accuracy and concentration to create the beautiful textiles Laos is famous for. The Ockpoptok weavers were certainly masters in their own right, making what they do look easy. Having tried it out for myself, I can assure you, easy it is not! Keep an eye out for Ockpoktok textiles, which will be introduced on our website this Fall!

Written by: Tex Dworkin, Manager of the Global Exchange Fair Trade Online Store