Please join Mexico’s growing peace movement that has called for a massive civic mobilization this Sunday, May 8th. The main event will take place in Mexico’s Zocalo and will be echoed by marches and vigils in many countries.

These international demonstrations were called for by Javier Sicilia, the poet who has taken a leading role in this movement in the weeks since his son was murdered.

The May 8th march has been endorsed by a wide spectrum of citizens groups and organizations who have decided to speak out against President Calderon’s war that has snuffed out nearly 40,000 Mexican lives in the past four years.

If you are in the California Bay Area, join Global Exchange in San Francisco on Sunday May 8th at 24th and Mission at 12 Noon. Stand in solidarity with us.

Please join this growing civic mobilization against violence in San Francisco or wherever you are. For more details about the San Francisco march or for information about how to find a march in your area, please call me, Ted Lewis at 415-575-5533.