Hey everyone. As you may know, Global Exchange has opened up three new Global Exchange Stores in DC (our first East Coast Stores!). They are connected to the Bus Boys and Poets Cafes so social activism spirit runs rampant. As with any new store, we need people to help out! We are looking for qualified Fair Trade Retail personnel. Information is as follows:

Global Exchange, a San Francisco based non profit organization, is opening several Fair Trade retail stores in conjunction with Busboys and Poets restaurants in the Washington DC area. We are looking to fill full and part time positions.

Necessary skills include:
Minimum 2 years retail experience
Knowledge of and interest in Fair Trade issues
Hard working, willing to maintain a clean and tidy environment
Excellent social and sales skills, interactive with clientele

Send your resume to:shel@globalexchange.org
Please explain your reasons for wanting to work at Global Exchange. If you have any skills that you think would better qualify you, please let us know. If you would like to know more about us, visit us at globalexchange.org and busboysandpoets.com.

Live in the D.C. area and want to join the Global Exchange team? Also, if you know any one in the D.C. area that is interested, pass them along.