Welcome to the Global Exchange Chevron Program Blog!

A big heartfelt welcome to you! Thanks for finding your way to this blog. Chevron is one of the world’s most powerful corporations, it is also the target of one of the most organized resistance movements in the world. Global Exchange is a proud member of this movement.

By expanding, strengthening, and highlighting this movement, we can build more allies and create a powerful advocacy base for real policy changes, such that, for as long as we continue to use oil, its operations will be as clean, safe, humane, and equitable as possible. We will also help to put a human face on the true cost of oil, thereby strengthening the movement working to move us away from oil as an energy source altogether.

So follow this blog for all that plus Global Exchange Chevron Program related news, actions and alerts. And by all means, join the conversation, share your knowledge and opinions with us all!

We look forward to sharing this space with you!

~GX Chevron Program folks