Just received a message from our San Francisco Global Exchange Store.

If you’re in San Francisco on St. Patrick’s Day, visit the Global Exchange Store in Noe Valley to pick up copies of “Building the Green Economy” and “The Greenfestival Reader” for only $5 (originally $15.95-$16.95).

“Building the Green Economy” by Kevin Danaher (GX co-founder), Shannon Biggs and Jason Mark is a great read about success stories from small grassroots orgnaizations and movements that are working on building great and greener communitites. Learn how individuals, families and communitiy groups have organized around protecting their food and water, cleaning up their neighborhoods, and strengthening their local economies.

“The Greenfestival Reader” edited by Kevin Danaher and Alisa Gravitz is an accessible guide to the ideas presented at Global Exchange’s and Green America’s Green Festivals. Green Festivals happen throughout the year in select cities and have become known to many as “a party with a purpose.” In this book get a look at what the movers and shakers in the green community are doing and saying.

New Hours for SF Store:
Sunday-Monday 11am-6pm
Tuesday-Friday 11am-7pm
Saturday 10am-7pm